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My Image and Me

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love meeting new people. Whether it is someone at the local grocery store, a new neighbor down the block, a stranger at the mall while waiting in the queue at the payment counter or someone I‘ve met through a friend. I always love meeting people. Observing myself and how others greet me, I wonder what my image speaks about me to the outside world and what does it take to make a good first impression— Start the day with positive thoughts- Visualize the new day to be good in all respect and let the bright...

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Know Thyself

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Before you can start to lead others, you must first know how to lead yourself. This has been the key to becoming a leader since the days of Socrates and Aristotle. “Know thyself”, it is by this principle that the great leaders of the past, present, and future gain valuable followership and achieve their goals. Most of us our driven by the goals sets by our boss, our organization,  spouse, or fulfilling a dream set by our parents, thus working to realize somebody else’s dreams. To move ahead in life one must be proactive and take control...

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Look the part- Kala Ghoda- Image Make Over Workshop

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One of the biggest challenges when I started working in the lifestyle Industy for an FMCG  Corporate, was trying to look smart and current on a menial  budget, which was quite a challenge. In today’s hard paced life, we are playing a myriad of roles. As busy professionals, and home makers, we’ve got a lot to think about: our job, career, presentations, meetings, deadlines, networking, managing finances, home, family  and finally our image.  Some of us may not think much about our outer Image as perfection of feature or figure is not essential...

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