About Seema

‘The warmth of a smile creates a positive first impression’

You are made in the image of what you desire. All of us share the need to be understood, cherished and honored; the best way to achieve this is by portraying an appropriate image. This understanding inspired Seema to launch her own Image and Etiquette Consultancy – Cmaark, to empower and enhance ones natural attributes.

Seema is a qualified Image consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute, under the curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, developed by Judith Rasband, Certified Image Master (CIM).

As, good first impression depends largely on ones appearance, Seema helps people to dress their walk, to be bold and confident in their stride and to present themselves in an appropriate way.

A commerce graduate from Calcutta University with a PG Diploma in Sales and Marketing from Australia, she believes in the philosophy that everyone is beautiful and we all have our own unique package. She carries forward 13 years of extensive experience working with professionals at various hierarchical levels with some of India’s leading corporate houses handling multiple roles in Sales, customer and public relations, and competency development.

Seema cherishes her teaching experience and interacting with the young minds has rejuvenated her perspectives. She has conducted innumerable training sessions for the organizations she has worked for on subjects like business and social etiquettes, personality development, behavioral skills, selling concepts, effective communication, etc. which when weaved together portrays a positive Image.  She also had a unique prospect to conduct Wine Trails (wine appreciations sessions) for various corporate houses.   Having travelled extensively throughout the world, Seema has a natural flair to interact with people of different ethnicities.

To witness the change in someone when armed with new knowledge about their personal style, best colors, body language, and etiquette and grooming to create an authentic, appropriate and attractive   powerful visual image makes this job the best in the world is her belief..