My Image and Me

Anyone who knows me knows that I love meeting new people. Whether it is someone at the local grocery store, a new neighbor down the block, a stranger at the mall while waiting in the queue at the payment counter or someone I‘ve met through a friend. I always love meeting people.

Observing myself and how others greet me, I wonder what my image speaks about me to the outside world and what does it take to make a good first impression—

  1. Start the day with positive thoughts- Visualize the new day to be good in all respect and let the bright sunshine fill your day.
  2. Dress your walk- Befriend the mirror, it always pays to compliment your Image. When you feel good you choose clothes that make you look good.
  3. Grooming- Clean and tidy clothes, neat haircut and no body odour are aspects of good grooming.
  4. Etiquette- You might be the most qualified amongst your colleague and probably the most well dressed. You can be doing all the right things and even have the right intentions, but if you don’t have appropriate manners you image can work against you.
  5. L-earn new things- I view learning as an opportunity to earn- friends, goodwill and mullah.
  6. Eye contact- Make eye contact when speaking to people. Be interested than interesting.
  7.  Good posture-Yes, your posture speaks volume about your personality, stand tall and confident.
  8. Be gracious- Be thankful for what you have. Don’t dwell on things that you don’t have.
  9. Maintain your Individuality- Each one of us is different. Be genuine, and don’t try to be a copy of someone. You are blessed for who you are.
  10. Last but not the least- Wear your smile, what you exude is what others will perceive.

My Image is the window through which I communicate to the outside world, which conjures up images of a friendly, trustworthy, dependably and a loving friend.

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