Know Thyself

Before you can start to lead others, you must first know how to lead yourself. This has been the key to becoming a leader since the days of Socrates and Aristotle. “Know thyself”, it is by this principle that the great leaders of the past, present, and future gain valuable followership and achieve their goals.Know Thyself

Most of us our driven by the goals sets by our boss, our organization,  spouse, or fulfilling a dream set by our parents, thus working to realize somebody else’s dreams.

To move ahead in life one must be proactive and take control of our lives and do a self awareness of our strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Being aware of your strengths and weakness is the first step towards understanding your current personal development needs.  Self-awareness is not about uncovering a deep dark secret about yourself, but understanding what you are good at, why you do what you to, how you do it, where and how you can improve, and the impact this has on your organisation and family.

Most of us see ourselves as victims of our circumstances and blame it to our family commitments, demanding jobs, lack of time, health issues and endless list of excuses.

Let us turn around and see ourselves standing in-between our world of disappointments and limitations on one side with the reflection of the world that we can create on the other.

Develop your skills, fill in the gap that is obstructing you from realizing your goal and walk the path to your destination to change “What –is” into “What- could –be”.


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