Look the part- Kala Ghoda- Image Make Over Workshop

Kala Goda Art Festival

Kala Goda Art Festival

One of the biggest challenges when I started working in the lifestyle Industy for an FMCG  Corporate, was trying to look smart and current on a menial  budget, which was quite a challenge.

In today’s hard paced life, we are playing a myriad of roles. As busy professionals, and home makers, we’ve got a lot to think about: our job, career, presentations, meetings, deadlines, networking, managing finances, home, family  and finally our image.  Some of us may not think much about our outer Image as perfection of feature or figure is not essential for an effective or for that matter a winning personality. But, the simple truth is that we all are aware of our visual image and are always working towards enhancing it further.

Now I have got experience, combined with training as an image consultant to help myself and others to co-ordinate and create clusters of wardrobe , to look the part.

The workshop dealt with the Four A’s of Image management- Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable, keeping ones roles, goals, personal style , body shape and personal colouring in mind.

Thus  “You” , are the brand , and need to position yourself and send out the right message first to yourself and then to the outer world, how you would like to be perceived. So Happy Image Make Over- starts with Brand YOU.


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